Code of Business Conduct

The Fumbarri Code of Business Conduct sets forth certain values ​​and principles that Fumbarri has assumed to comply with. It specifies the Corporate Business Principles and contributes to their continuous implementation.
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Supplier code of ethics

The Code of Ethics of the Supplier of Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. defines the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behavior that must be observed by the suppliers of products that Fumbarri sells in the development of its activity, in accordance with Fumbarri's business culture, firmly established in respect for human and labor rights.
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Environment Policies

With the implementation of an Integrated Management System, the Management has established the pillars on which our future will be based on the search for the safety and health of our workers, the protection of our environment and the satisfaction of all interested parties.
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Fumbarri is committed to the social partners in the environment

Fumbarri is committed to Durangaldea society and supports social projects as well as clubs or sports activities. Add value to society through corporate social responsibility activities is one of the values ​​Fumbarri.