Research + Development + Innovation:

Among the years Fumbarri has become a Strategic Partner for several research centres, laboratories and engineering for its wide range of possibilities to test new materials, processes and products, as well as for our open mind and innovative culture facing new challenges.

Therefore has reinforced its investigation activities and its technological and innovative development, fulfilling the highest efficiency levels, while searching the solutions to the challenges proposed, putting innovation as a critical key to success.

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Due to the highly exigent environment and the needs of research and development in which Fumbarri’s activities take place and known the compromise with them that the entire Fumbarri team shares, Fumbarri has decided to create an R+D Unit; Innobarri

The privilege position at the market that Fumbarri has, being a meeting point for customers, research centers, providers and laboratories, which allows us to analyze and resolve innovative challenges together with our partners, offering effective solutions today, to concrete iron heavy casting sector problems.

Fumbarri has equiped Innobarri with state of the art technologies, combining it with our more than 60 year experience. Furthermore, Fumbarri has interiorized Innovation, providing Innobarri with each and every equipment and technician part of Fumbarri, becoming the biggest laboratory that we could desire.

Let us face, innovating today, tomorrow challenges

Fumbarri’s Team