Fumbarri has set in place several quality systems and currently is certified with the ISO 9001 by the TüV certifier. At Fumbarri, quality is our compromise and plays a huge role in every single company activity.


Fumbarri has at your disposal any needed system in order to control product and/or process:

  • » Simulation: Simulation Software of fill up and solidification.
  • » Geometry: Marble and manual means for linear and geometrical measurement, laser measurement device, pressure and water tightness.
  • » Chemical Analysis: Mass spectrometer for raw material and chemical composition of mixtures.
  • » Thermal Analysis: Simulation software of solidification curves and composition result prediction.
  • » Mechanical characteristics: Traction limit, elastic limit, lengthening, resilience and hardness.
  • » Metallographic Structure: Micrograph with microscope.
  • » Non destructive essays: Ultrasounds, magnetic particles, and penetrate liquids.
  • » Sand control.