Supplier Code of Ethics


1.     Introduction


The Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. Supplier Code of Ethics defines the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behaviour to be observed by the suppliers and manufacturers of products commercialised by Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. in the development of its activity, in accordance with the Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. business culture, firmly based on respect for human and workers’ rights.

Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. is committed to providing the necessary means to ensure that suppliers and manufacturers are aware of and understand this code and can work to fulfil it.

The Code applies to all manufacturers and suppliers involved in the purchasing, manufacturing and finishing processes; it promotes and is based on the general principles that define the Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. ethos:

  • All of their activities will be developed ethically and responsibly.
  • All people who have a direct or indirect working, economic, social or industrial relationship with the company will be treated fairly and respectfully.
  • All of their activities will be developed in respect for the environment.
  • All company suppliers and manufacturers shall fully comply with these undertakings and shall work on their responsibility to ensure that the standards contained in this Code are met.


2.     ETHOS: to develop commercial relations based on the principles of business ethics and transparent management


Corruption: relations between Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. and its suppliers and manufacturers is based on lawfulness, efficiency and transparency. Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. will not tolerate, allow or become involved in any kind of corruption, extortion or bribery when proceeding with its activity; this refers to both the public and the private sectors. Ethical and responsible behaviour is one of the pillars of action at Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A., and its suppliers must obey the policies, norms and procedures of Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. in regard to corruption, bribery and extortion.

No Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. supplier or manufacturer shall directly or indirectly offer or give to government employees, third parties or any other employee of Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. in the going about of their business for or on behalf of the latter, gifts, handouts or any other unauthorised advantages, whether in the shape of cash or services rendered, with the intention of obtaining favourable treatment in the granting or maintaining of contracts or benefits, whether personal or for the supplier company. Acts of bribery, expressly forbidden, include directly or indirectly offering or promising any kind of improper advantage, any instrument used to conceal such acts, and the traffic of influences.

The supplier shall fulfil the strictest norms of ethical and moral conduct, complying with international agreements and respecting applicable laws on the matter, taking care to assure that they establish the appropriate procedures required to this effect.

Conflicts of Interest: The supplier shall maintain mechanisms which, in the event of potential conflict of interests with one of their employees, guarantee the supplier’s independence and their full observance of applicable legislation.

Information: Information owned by Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. entrusted to the supplier shall, in general, be considered as reserved and confidential information. It is the responsibility of the supplier and of all of its professionals to introduce the necessary safety measures for protecting said reserved and confidential information. Information provided by the supplier to its intermediaries at Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. shall be truthful and not conceived with the intention to deceive.


3.     WORK-RELATED PRACTICES: to respect the protection of fundamental, internationally recognised human and workers’ rights within its scope of influence


Forced labour: The supplier shall promote in their actions and take the necessary steps in its organisation to remove all kinds or modes of forced or obligatory work, understood to be all work or service demanded of an individual under the threat of any reprisal whatsoever.

Child labour: The supplier shall expressly reject the use of child labour in its organisation, respecting the minimum working ages stipulated in applicable legislation; it shall also have suitable and reliable mechanisms for establishing their employees’ age.

Right of association and collective bargaining: The supplier shall respect the freedom of association in regard to trade unions and the right to collective bargaining of its workers, subject to applicable norms in each case.

Equal opportunities and non-discrimination: The supplier shall reject all discriminatory practices in regard to employment and occupation, treating its employees fairly, with dignity and respect. To this end, discrimination is considered to be any distinction, exclusion or preference based on reasons of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national ancestry or social origin which has the effect of removing or changing equality in regard to opportunities or work in the employment and occupation.

Fair pay: The supplier shall pay its workers according to applicable wage laws, including minimum wages, overtime and social benefits.

4.     HEALTH AND SAFETY: to provide a safe working environment in accordance with established requirements in regard to preventing risks at work.


Protection of the worker: The supplier shall ensure the protection of its workers,  protecting them against over-exposure to chemical, biological and physical dangers and from tasks requiring excessive physical effort in the workplace.

Potential emergency situations: The supplier shall identify and evaluate potential situations of emergency in the workplace and shall minimise their potential impact by introducing emergency plans and plans of action to be taken in the event of an emergency.

Qualification and competition: The supplier shall provide its workers with the necessary training and means for going about their work as contracted, and shall be liable for any damage attributable to their responsibility for reasons of action or omission, particularly as a result of not having taken the necessary preventive means to avoid the issue.


5.     ENVIRONMENT: to maintain a preventive approach that favours the environment, promoting initiatives to encourage greater environmental responsibility


Environmental aspects: The supplier shall have an efficient environmental policy which also meets all obligations required by applicable legislation.

Waste and emissions: The supplier shall identify and manage substances and other materials representing a danger when released into the environment, with a view to guaranteeing their handling, transfer, storage, recycling or reuse and elimination in safe conditions and according to applicable regulations. All waste, residual water or emissions with the potential to negatively affect the environment shall be appropriately administered, controlled and dealt with.


6.     PRODUCT QUALITY AND SECURITY: to encourage continuous improvement in the quality of the products and services supplied


Legal and client requirements: All of the products and services delivered by the supplier shall meet the standards and parameters of quality and security required by the applicable laws, with special attention to the fulfilment of prices and delivery times.




The manufacturers and suppliers shall introduce and apply programmes enabling them to put this Code into practice. They shall appoint a Managerial representative to ensure the application and fulfilment of this Code.

The manufacturers and suppliers shall ensure that all of their employees are familiar with this Code.

Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. reserves the right to verify that the suppliers and manufacturers obey the Code stipulations. Should it become aware of an action or conditions that do not fulfil the stipulations of this Code, Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. reserves the right to demand that immediate action be taken by the supplier.

Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. also reserves the right to terminate any commercial contract or agreement with any supplier or manufacturer failing to observe the Code.




This Code obeys the principles and values stipulated in the Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. Code of Business Conduct, which regulates an Ethics Committee and a Reporting Hotline, in order to ensure its fulfilment.

In this respect, and to assure fulfilment of this Suppliers Code of Conduct, the Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. Ethics Committee can act on its own initiative, or when urged to do so by a manufacturer, supplier or third party with a direct relationship and legitimate commercial or professional interest, by means of submitting a report in good faith.

Thus, communications carried out under this Code, containing reports of non-fulfilment or queries in regard to its interpretation or application, can be sent to the company in the following ways:

  • Ordinary mail to the address: San Roke, 22 48200 Durango (Bizkaia), for the attention of the Ethics Committee
  • Email to the address:


Durango, November 10th, 2016

Signatures of (in order); Manger, President, Secretary, Deputy President, Deputy Secretary, Committee Member