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Supplier Code of Ethics   1.     Introduction   The Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. Supplier Code of Ethics defines the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behaviour to be observed by the suppliers and manufacturers of products commercialised by Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. in the development of its activity, in accordance with the Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. business culture,…

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CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT     0.     Introduction   The Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. Code of Business Conduct stipulates a series of values and principles which Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango S.A. is committed to fulfilling. This Code of Business Conduct specifies the Corporate Business Principles and contributes to their continuous implementation by establishing certain minimum and non-negotiable rules…

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Silife Project EU


The main objective of this new project consists of producing commercial quartz powders that show very little or no RCS toxicity.

Fumbarri erhöht seine Ziele


Wir wollen weiterhin Marktführer für grosse Teile bleiben,  deswegen haben wir in eine 30Tn netto Pfanne investiert.