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New record weight for a ductile iron Die


Years of trustworthy relation with our customer Volkswagen Autoeuropa has enabled FUMBARRI to unlock this achievement. Fumbarri has reached his ductile iron record weight die, by casting more than 27 Tones in just one die for the Automotive Industry, sector not used to cast such big parts with that material grade

VOLVO and FUMBARRI meet to innovate in ductile iron quality


Volvo technicians visit Fumbarri to explore the possibilities of improvement of the superficial quality of the form dies of ductile iron, by improving the nodulization process. Fumbarri agrees with Volvo to design a complete set of tests to control, measure and evaluate the parameters of the process for obtaining consistent data to innovate and improve…

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FUMBARRI keeps on taking up position in big size parts


Fumbarri doesn’t lose the chance to increase his productive means for big size parts. Therefore we have acquired a 30 nominal Tn laddle that will permit us to enlarge the range of parts we can serve and improve the big size parts achievement