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3 Ladles – 3 Cucharas


[youtube=] Machine bed, 50 tn, grey cast iron, on a pit Bancada , 50 Tn, hierro gris, fusión en fosa Video quality isn’t great. Excuses. For more videos click;

Renovación de fachada


Después de meses de arduo trabajo, y con la problemática añadida del largo y húmedo invierno que hemos tenido, por fin la fachada de Fumbarri está a punto de ser completada.



It is sometimes has to know which casting material does the customer want if you are working worlwide and have to deal with different standards. Therefore we have gathered all the standards used by our customers in one table. Hope it helps! More info;

Environmental Certification


Fundiciones Fumbarri-Durango, immersed in his process of integral environmental improvement process, has reached the Integral Environmental Certification, according to the Law 16/2002, of Prevention and Control of contamination, directly from the European directive 2008/1/CE, from  15th January 2008. The work accomplish has been recognized internationally with the ISO 14001 certification of our environmental management granted…

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Convocatoria Junta General Ordinaria


FUNDICIONES FUMBARRI DURANGO,S.A. Convocatoria Junta General Ordinaria   Por acuerdo del Consejo de administración de esta Sociedad, se convoca a los señores accionistas a la Junta General Ordinaria de Accionistas que se celebrará en el domicilio social, el  día 27 de Junio de 2013 a las 16: 30 horas, en primera convocatoria y, en su…

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Fumbarri se une a Fundigex y al proyecto BizkaiMetal para su estrategia de internacionalización


Fumbarri joins Fundigex and the BizkaiMetal projet for his internazionalizacion strategy Fumbarri se une a Fundigex y al proyecto Bizkaimental para su estrategia de internacionalización This Project starts out when FUNDIGEX, the Casting Exporters’ Association of Spain, with the support of the Provincial Council of Biscay, detects the need for the Biscayan SME’s in the metal industry to increase their production and sales on the international market. The aims of the…

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The bizkaiMETAL Project – Proyecto bizkaiMETAL


Fumbarri joins Fundigex and the BizkaiMetal projet for his internazionalizacion strategy Fumbarri se une a Fundigex y al proyecto Bizkaimental para su estrategia de internacionalización This Project starts out when FUNDIGEX, the Casting Exporters’ Association of Spain, with the support of the Provincial Council of Biscay, detects the need for the Biscayan SME’s in the metal industry to…

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Fumbarri apuesta por la formación


Scroll down for English version, Scroll down for Basque version

Danobat Group trusts FUMBARRI for casting VTC-8000-H lathe


This big dimension Danobat Group lathe, design to machine 8.8 m diameter and 4.5 high parts, which will include a 7 m chuck will be integrally casted at Fumbarri. The middle part of the chuck will have about 55 Tn of casted iron, one of the biggest parts casted out of a polystyrene pattern

FUMBARRI offshore; Fumbarri opens a new market as a prototype partner for polystyrene patterns for the onshore/offshore wind energy sector.


FUMBARRI willing to improve and open new markets aiming innovation has casted the first two wind energy prototypes form the wind energy market. It is for a new concept of offshore electromagnetic wind-turbine, by the company Nenuphar. This first prototype will be tested onshore, but by 2015, the turbines will go into serial production and…

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